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Your Business Processes from an Automation Perspective

Are you CEO, CFO, CIO or CTO and would you like to know how you can reduce the costs for highly qualified employees and empower all your employees for whom you normally need software developers? Automation with our friendly robot process engineer EMMA not only significantly reduces your costs. EMMA even reduces your risks (in terms of time and money) that are normally associated with changes to your existing IT systems by developers. How is that possible? With EMMA, your employees in all departments can use their own valuable know-how for company processes and systems and convert them into automated processes via EMMA. Follow us to the solution ...

So, who is EMMA?

EMMA is digitization that can be experienced and enables automated end-to-end process and test automation of any system and any software on any device without science fiction. We know the principles and limits of previous RPA and test automation and show you the limitless RPA Software solution ...

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